How does it work ?


Azopio’s features

Automatically collect, sort and centralize your documents

Fetch all your bills, receipts, and bank transactions.

Azopio collects all your financial and administrative documents, convert them into digital files, sort them out accordingly to a predefined method and finally centralize them all in one place.

Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology extracts key data so your documents are retrieved easily thanks to our powerful search engine!


Easily integrate with leading Cloud storage and accounting platforms

Azopio drops and synchronizes your documents into the online storage solutions that you already use! We let you free to choose or keep the office tools that work best for you!

Publish your documents and their data directly onto accounting solutions or send them to other cloud-based processing platforms.

Azopio partners with the most popular Cloud storage solutions (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box) and online accounting platforms (QuickBooks and Xero).


Securely share your documents

You can directly share your documents with your accountant by simply granting him or her access to your Azopio account through an email invite.

You and your accountant can easily review and potentially amend data that have been automatically fetched in complete security.

Gain productivity and improve the relationship between businesses and their accountants.


Collect your suppliers’ invoices and bank transactions

Don’t waste any more time downloading your bills and bank statements on the web portals of your different suppliers and banks!

Azopio connects to a great number of suppliers, banks and financial institutions to retrieve all your documents automatically then add and file them to your account.

Azopio helps you with your daily grind, so you can spend more time running your business!




No data is sold to third party.

All our servers, databases and network infrastructure are located in the European Union!


We are partnering with secured data centres and providing a redundant infrastructure.

All data transfers are SSL-secured.

Commitment free

Your documents always remain with you, as we synchronize them to your preferred Cloud storage solution provider.

Really commitment free!

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